Editing Script

Today we introduced the editing script to show how the documentary will be edited depending on the scene. For example when will voice-overs  be used and also transitions.

Our series documentary is based on continuity editing where time is moving forward and no kind of flashbacks are shown. The techniques that we used while continuity editing are:

  • 180 degree rule
  • Match on action
  • Eye-line matching
  • Parallel editing

The software we will be using is Sony Vegas 13.0.

Our documentary consists of many cutaways which are scenes cutting away to other images. We are going to keep the voice continues as it will overlap other images to keep it continuous. The pace of a footage will depend on what the scene is. E.g Boxing a punching bag could be shown in a fast pace or even in a slow pace to show the action and that the viewer has enough time to think about it. The film will be roughly 5 minutes long. We will use straight cutting to show realism in scenes like conversations. We will overlap some scenes to make it look professional and interesting to watch. We will also fade in a couple of scenes so it looks more realistic. If we have to blur out certain objects that take out the focus of our subject, then those special effects will be used.

We have noted down camera angles we will

Narrative Mis-en-scene: 

Mis-en-scene in french means everything placed in front of the camera, will it be the setting, costumes and make up, lighting, performance and staging.

In our series documentary we made sure that we have got all these these aspects in mind while filming our documentary. We did not have to consider costumes as it was a conversational documentary. Staging was all set due to the usage of the gym and outer areas of the city. We did not use any additional lighting, as we used window lighting and the lighting from the gym.


These are types of conventions that are useful to to tell the story of the documentary. An example is timing issues where the editor can use techniques such as camera, lighting, sound and fades.

Our series documentary uses texts to narrate the story where in the opening scene statistics are given of how popular mixed martial arts in Pakistan is. We kept no narrator as we think that the story is pretty easy to understand and we used subtitles to make it easy for viewers.

As we know, setting creates a sense of place and a mood which can reflect on the characters state of mind. We fabricated it as an authentic reconstruction of reality, where we show situations that people live like and how Awais Raja, our main character, is used alongside his situation to create a reality scene and promote peace through the sport.

Awais’ character was reflected by his appearance of wearing sport kits as he is a mixed martial arts fighter. He was not needed to wear any make up or other costumes as we want to keep our series documentary as real as possible.

The sunlight from the window was our key light while we placed Awais at such a place where he was focused on the camera. We did not need a back light to keep it natural and real.


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