Filming at Charar Pind

Today we went to Charar Pind for our filming at the Shaheen-Gym. The gym is a no-fees addition to teaching kids mixed martial arts to prevent them in going to the wrong path such as doing drugs or having a criminal record. Reaching at Charar Pind, it reminded me of the movie Slumdog Millionaire and City of God as the characters and setting were similar.

We filmed Awais Raja training the young kids engaging their moves and perfecting them. Awais reveals he wants the kids to have a better future regardless of their situations. He comes from a lower-middle class, so he has an idea of how these people in this slum live like.

We also filmed the bond between the kids and Awais. Also we have some footage of what the slum itself to reveal how those people live like.


Shot of “Thai Prisoners”
Awais training the kids similarly to the shot of “Thai prisoners”

While filming at Shaheen, we saw the similarities of the ambions and setting of the documentary Thai Prisoner. Although we wanted to show a similar message of rehabilitation of the youth through martial arts, but promoting a message of peace, unity and hope.

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