Shooting Script and 3 Act Structure

Today I finished the shooting script and the 3 act structure of our documentary. The shooting script reveals how each scene is going to be shot.

Shooting Script: 

For example the first scene is going to be the filming of Lahore city and its going to be 15 seconds long. The sound is ambient to make the viewer think they are actually a part of this documentary. This puts a rare effect on the audience and the audience is more curious of what is going to happen next. The shooting script shows the scene, place, picture as in whats going to be on the screen, the timing of how long this scene will be and what type of sound its going to be e.g Ambient.

Page 1
Page 2

3 Act Structure (Documentary Script) : 

page 1
page 2
page 3



The points I looked at, while writing the documentary script are, how the narrative is going to be organised and structured,characters and what the narrative function of the film is, how is the audience positioned in relation to the narrative and what techniques of identification are used.

The 3 act structure or also known as the script is basically what the documentary is about. It is the whole process of how the film is going to be shot and how it is organized to put in several footage into one whole piece. The movie is divided in to 3 Acts in total of 8 Sequences. Each sequence has its own purpose to fit in together a more reasonable shot. If those acts and sequences wont be looked at, then the movie could just end up being a disaster with not knowing which shot would fit in where.

The first sequence in the first act will be the starting of the documentary where it presents the opening scene of the city introducing our main character Awais Raja. The footages include roads and mosques that represent the culture and situations people in this nation live in. the audio will remain ambient as it makes you hear vehicles horning and showing the busy roads of Lahore. A text will appear giving statistics about the country and its eastern city, Lahore. The scene then cuts to where the main character (The Assassin) leaves his house and rides his motorcycle to the Synnergy gym. It then cuts to where The Assassin wraps himself up to get ready for his training. He will then introduce himself as the sit down intro continues throughout the first act. He will talk about himself and how he got into MMA. Shots of him training and punching the punching bag will overlap as he talks.

In the second sequence of the first act, Bashir Ahmad is introduced with archives and pictures of him and The Assassin. The assassin then tells us about his experience with Bashir and how he managed him to train him for a low amount of money. He will talk about the free lessons he got and how he had problems at home using the power of his certificate he got for being a professional MMA fighter. The assassin will move onto his goal which is to go to ONE FC so he can compete other fighters that are on an international level.

In the third sequence of the second act, a jump cut will be performed as he carries on talking about his family and the problems he had to face as his family believes being a fighter isn’t going to take him far in life and that he won’t be able to survive by earning a less amount of money. He will justify that he has problems going out with friends when he has no money to pay for the food at restaurants. He will mention how his relatives started admiring him once he became famous for training with Bashir and becoming a famous MMA fighter. In this act he then continues to talk about his goal, becoming a fighter at the ONE FC. Another goal of his is to stop the youth of doing drugs so therefore he trains the younger generation in a gym called Charar Pind in a gym called Shaheen.

In the fourth, fifth and sixth sequence of the second act, it show that the Assassin will talk about his fight on the 13th of April 2016. He will talk about his past life where he was working in a restaurant. He will also mentions his struggles he had whilst working there and how he has worked his way up to a better lifestyle. He will be shown training with other youngsters and having a sparring session.

The seventh and eighth sequence of the third act is the conclusion of the movie where The Assassin tells the viewer how he has no sponsors for his next fight which means he is not going to get paid for the fight. He will talk about his resolution which is to continue as a MMA fighter. The ending will be shown as The Assassin is shown from a window and is skipping and doing push-ups. Lastly he will mention ONE FC as his goal and the screen will fade away as he smiles.


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