In our series documentary, we will use many camera angles to make it look better and to attract the viewers attention as at one point the viewers attention could be lost. We will use angles such as:

  • OSS (Over the Shoulder Shot) which is taken from someones shoulder where you can see the other subject focused)
  • Wide shot to show the character in a full view leaving a lot of space to the sides where the whole stage is to be seen
  • Mid shot where this is suitable while interviewing somebody where only the interviewee’s face and his body up to his waist is to be seen.
  • MCU (Medium close-up) can be used to focus more on the characters face where the expression can be judged easily by the audience
  • Cutaways to show different imagery while another was just shown
  • High angles which are looked down to the subject making the subject less superior
  • Low angle where the subject is looked up making the subject look more powerful and superior


The Hero’s Journey:

In a film, the characters journey is divided into 3 different world. The first world is “Ordinary World”, the second “Special World” and third “Ordinary World”.

In the first “Ordinary” according to our series documentary script, the hero is introduced as Awais (the Hero) talks about himself and introduced himself as a mixed martial arts fighter. There will be no climax shown in this world where the story is just getting started up heading towards the “Special World”.

The “Special World” is where the climax happens and the action is shown. According to our script, Awais will tell us more about his life and how he started as a mixed martial arts fighter. He will mention the problems he went through and how he is living his new life. In this world, all the action happens where he throws punches and shows his moves to the camera.

The third world, the “Ordinary World” is where the movie comes to its conclusion. Awais will mention his goals and aims to us and what he wants to do to take this profession to an even higher level.



12 Stages of The Hero’s Journey:

Ordinary World:

  1. Ordinary World: This is where the protagonist (hero) lives before his present story begins, where the climax and action is yet to come. This is where everything is safe and yet nothing much happens. The hero’s everyday life and his nature will be judged by the audience. In our series documentary, our protagonist introduced himself to the audience and talks about he got into MMA. The locations and surroundings of where he is located are also shown alongside with statistics that are useful information for the audience.
  2. Call to Adventure: This is where the protagonist’s adventure begins. At this point something happens that changes the mood or direction of the movie. Yet this is still part of the “Ordinary World”. This is where our protagonist gets into action and shows the audience his moves. He talks about who his inspiration is and how he really met his mentor-Bashir Ahmad.
  3. Refusal Of The Call: This is when the protagonist needs to overcome his weakness or fear to move on. The problems  he will face may seem too much to handle. Our protagonist talks about the problems he is currently facing regarding his family and other social issues.
  4. Meeting The Mentor: This is when the Hero’s mentor is introduced and shows us that the Hero is given an object of great importance. In our series documentary, Bashir Ahmad talks about his learner and what he thinks what Awais is capable of.

Special World: 

5. Crossing The Threshold: This is where the Hero is ready to act upon his call to adventure, may it be physically or mentally. In our series documentary, Awais will show his moves and what his strength is.

6.Test, Allies, Enemies: This is where the protagonist is out of his comfort zone and opens more up where he faces challenges and is tested in such a way to reveal the protagonist’s character. In our series documentary, Awais will talk about what challenges him in his everyday life and how he faces his problems regarding mixed martial arts.

7.Approach To The Inmost Cave: This is where it represents the the Hero’s journey such as a location in which lies a conflict. This helps the audience understand the magnitude of the ordeal that awaits the Hero and escalates the tension in anticipation of his ultimate test.

8.Ordeal: This may be a physical test where the Hero must survive in the world he lives in. For example: Awais talks about how he survives in conditions of a country that is currently fighting terrorism and class diversion.

9.Reward: This is where the Hero defeats his weakness and earns a reward from the tests he went through. Awais will tell the audience what rewards he got from becoming a mixed martial arts fighter such as money or certificates.

Ordinary World:

10. The Road Back: This is where the protagonist represents a reverse echo of the Call to Adventure.Now he must returns to the “Ordinary World” and lives his present life.

11. Resurrection: This is where the Hero encounters his final battle in order to get back into the “Ordinary World”.

12. Return With The Elexir: This is the final stage where the Hero returns home (Ordinary World).

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