Practical on sound, camera and viewing

Today we had a practical session on sound, camera and viewing. I learnt how to set up a DSLR Canon camera. I also found out that interviews are mostly shot using OSS (Over The Shoulder Shot) and that eye contact is not made to the camera.

The person asking the questions (interviewer) does not come on screen whereas only the shoulders are shown. The person answering the questions uses a microphone where in our case we used our mobile phones to record our answers.

OSS using our phones (practical session)

Then I learnt how to view a video and how to to set the settings for the best results. The SD card is taken out of the camera and inserted into the laptop. The card includes all the footage we take and are available to view.

Here we are viewing the footage that we have shot as a practical exercise.


Framing for interviews: 

Initially we were taught on smartphones/I Phones before moving onto DSLR cameras. 

On our first lecture on framing, I was on the basic guidelines for shooting an interview using a smartphone. The basic guidelines were:


  • Always clap before a take
  • Avoid shooting into windows
  • Avoid shooting right up against a wall
  • Use the “Rule of Thirds”
  • Use a smartphone stands on tripod

We also learnt that when positioning the interviewee, you should not put them in front of the window if avoidable. Also we should avoid back lighting, especially of the face of the interviewee will be dark.

During the course, we learnt various camera angles that can be used for creating a good shot. Those angles are wide shot, extreme wide shot, low angle shot, high angle shot, OTS/OSS (Over The Shoulder Shot), Bird’s Eye,

This shows that filming right against the wall will give a bad result as there will be bad lighting and not much focus on the interview. However, if there s a subject between the interviewee and the wall, then the interviewee will be more focused and will give its best result. 




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