Proposal Structure Format revised

Today I revised the proposal and I suggested that the intended audience is going to be the youth to attract them to MMA so they stay away from narcotics. Many young people are addicted to drugs which ruins their life and take away the opportunities they get in life.

The documentaries goal is social mobility which means connecting to the viewer. In this case it will deliver messages via character’s profile Awais Raja teaching and showing the passion of sports through MMA.

I learnt how to write my proposal. We learnt that a proposal included the points that a  documentary will have a good story so the viewers do not give negative feedback to the makers. Also documentaries should show the human stories through images which in our case is completely right as we deliver human truths through our footage. We presented a character who is Awais Raja. He is our main source of delivering the passion of sports and willing to do something in life regardless of class or situation. The documentaries goal should be to emotionally touch and inform the audience to give them an idea of how people in different cultures differ to themselves.

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