We decided that Awais “The Assassin” Raja is going to be our main character profile which will be linked to mixed martial arts in Pakistan. Awais inspired as our main character as he has his peaceful messages to convey via mixed martial arts.

Is this story topical? 

We believe it is topical as Pakistan is undergoing terrorism and also a high number of poverty and sports can bridge the gap. We have seen this example with sports such as cricket and football in the ghettos of Lyari (Karachi, Pakistan) and the story of the Lionel Messi (famous football player) fan in Afghanistan.

Mixed martial arts is a rising trend in Pakistan and is breaking the barriers of a highly class oriented society and providing an alternative to the youth of Pakistan.

Does it tell a good story?

Yes, it does as it is an interesting topic which argues many facts that sports overcomes class and struggle. Many young people are addicted to drugs as we discovered with school dropouts sniffing glue and with the initiative of teaching martial arts in the area. The frustrating and apathetic youth are given an alternative to set higher goals and ambitions for themselves. Our character Awais Raja is an inspiration for the youth, rising above his circumstances with martial arts and also sports teaches us that drugs are not safe to use and could cause damage to our body. Sports also shows peace between communities regardless of their classes.

Does it inform and move the viewers emotions?

The documentary has a lot of information about the conditions that people of Pakistan live in, yet having that passion for the sport. Our characters Awais Raja’s story is inspiring and moving. The film chronicles his journey of his economic struggle and finding his fame and calling with the help of his mentor Bashir Ahmad.

Awais is now training with the children at Charar Pind as he hopes that through martial arts they fight against their trials and tribulations of their circumstances.

Who is our target audience?

Our target audience is mainly documentary channels such as Al-Jazeera, BBC and Channel 4. They all stream documentaries that teaches viewers relevant things on specific topics such as our documentary.





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