Today I researched and planned with my other 3 group members what topic we are going to do and what will our documentary be about. We made a few suggestions like cricket and we initially decided to go and research at Charar Pind which is a slum with roughly 50000 people on the outskirts of Lahore where we were filming and researching about street cricket. While filming boys playing cricket, we found out that many children were dropouts and were sniffing glue and smoking hash and not going to school. Then we came across a group of young kids who were being trained by the fighter Awais Raja at Shaheen (Falcon) gym which is opened by the Godfather of mixed martial arts in Pakistan -Bashir Ahmad, to create opportunities for kids to get out of poverty by giving free classes and training in martial arts. Therefore we decided to film about mixed martial arts in Pakistan mainly focusing on the fighter Awais “The Assassin” Raja.

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